Saturday, July 10, 2010

Here comes the Classic!

2 weeks left until things get exciting in the elite world! The Chicago's CoverGirl Classic kicks off July 23! Yes, lame - I'll be in North Carolina then, but hopefully I will find myself at a TV when it comes on. If you have not already seen it, here's the list of major players expected to compete:

Bridget Sloan -Heck yes! I am seriously obsessed with this girl- not in a weird way- but Im hoping to see another awesome season from her as she goes on to defend her National and World titles!

Alexandra Raisman - Don't know her as well besides seeing her at this year's Pac Rim and a few smaller meets, but I do know she is uber-consistent and is becoming the same power packed competitor that her 'big sister' Alicia Sacramone is.

Rebecca Bross - Strange she signed up for the Classic as she has no need to be there but I guess I'm glad I don't have to wait until Nationals to see her. Just please stay uninjured.

Mattie Larson - Woah, I kinda forgot about her since she's kind of disappeared from the elite world for awhile. Cant wait to see what she's bringing and I hope she will stay fairly injury-free this season too.

Samantha Shapiro - She too has the same story as Larson... but I thought she was gone for good. I'm wondering if we'll see the same Samantha that I loved watching leading up to 2008. But hey, its great to see so many back that I thought were done.

Mackenzie Caquatto -Not a real big fan of Mackenzie, and I never have been. Nor do I know much about her.

Kayla Williams - Im really really hoping Kayla can pull off a good season after the mess she went through this year. I dont really know what's happening with her and her new gym, just hopefully something GOOD!

Amanda Jetter - This is her debut year as a senior- hopefully she will impress!

Sophina DeJesus - Ummm... dont know much about her except for the fact that she is an excellent tumbler and is also looking to impress in her first year as a senior.

Vanessa Zamarripa - A current UCLA Bruin who is looking to persue in both NCAA and Elite gymnastics. Hmmm. This should be interesting.

Alicia Sacramone - When I heard ASac was coming back, this season got so much more exciting! Although she's only competing vault and beam, she will attempt to prove her comeback talk. I'm really just glad to see her her face back on the stage again!

Sophia Lee - A WOGAner who I know nothing about.

Briley Casanova - Dido.

And for the Juniors...

Jordyn Wieber - The one who came back from a cometition-less year and a half to kick a** at the Pac Rim. Here she comes...

Dont know much about the rest but here they are:

Kyla Ross -2009 Junior National Champion.
Keely McNair - Ooooh... from Chow's.
Mykayla Skinner -Desert Lights
Claire Boyce - Former GAGE gymnast, now at Texas Dreams
Sabrina Vega - Gotta love watching her!
Lexi Priessman - 2009 Nastia Liukin Cup Champion - with some big skills to show off as an elite!
Ariana Guerra - Stars Houston
Mackenzie Wofford -WOGA
Gabrielle Douglas -Excalibur
Madison Kocian -WOGA
Grace McLaughlin -WOGA
Alyssa Baumann -WOGA
Katelyn Ohashi -WOGA
Lizzy LeDuc -WOGA

I seriously love this time of year :)

~ Got Grace?

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