Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Nationals!

Yay! I'm home finally. I didn't get to stay very long in San Diego during Nationals because we planned it as a "Family trip" and not a "gymnastics" trip, so we left for Orange County right after I competed. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to stay for the 8's final or the Championship final, but I did at least get to watch the level 6's compete. It was great fun getting to go out and support Grace, no matter what level :). The final results for the 8's and 9/10's have not been posted on the website yet but via Facebook I found out the level 8's took home the championship title and the 9/10's placed 3rd. 3rd was a pretty great finish though, considering they lost some of the 3 most talented girls on our team right before. Still, it's sad knowing they could've defended the title, had the whole coaching dilemma not come up. But that's life for you. Click here for the full meet results.

Also, here are some fun pics of the level 7's at the meet :)

~Got Grace?

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