Friday, May 21, 2010

Gym Update

Well, I haven't done any flyaways from giants yet, but I've gotten my kip cast flyaway down pretty good again. I'm hoping to get to work giant flyaways this week, because I am going in early on Monday to get some help with them. I want it soooo bad... its not even funny. I am SO determined to do it! Other than bars, my skills on the other events are coming along nicely :) My vault somehow magically became really good (wish that would happen with all my skills...) and my tumbling has gotten much more consistent and powerful! On beam I added a BWO after my BHS so I could get rid of my old BWO-BWO acro, but I have to work on making the connection better. I also have a really cool new mount that I've been working on for a while- a jump press handstand to split, then press down and bring your front leg through(Nastia Liukin's 2008 mount!). I make about 60% percent of them but I'm hoping to get them consistent enough to actually compete them at Nationals- but we'll see. Anyways, short post but I thought I would just update on how gym's going. Hope you like the new layout!

~Got Grace

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