Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's a Start...

So, I never would've thought I would ever have a blog, but here I am. I guess I got one! So, while I'm here I'll tell you a little about myself...

Well, I'm a gymnast if you cant tell already. I just finished my first season as a level 7 at Grace Gymnastics Center (hence the name "Got Grace?"). It was also my first year as Grace gymnast since I moved gyms from the Mel Korum YMCA team back in September. The switch was mainly based off of the need for more of an 'optionals' gym to train at. I wasn't easy at first, I'd have to admit. I almost ended up quitting gymnastics completely because I was so confused and distracted with my life. But I am so thankful for my loving parents who supported me through it all and kept me from giving up the dream I was striving for. For now, I plan to stick with gymnastics as long as I can and hope to someday reach my ultimate goal of going level 10 or even elite.

My life outside of gym is just as important to me though. I am a strong Christian and want to honor God in all that I do, in and outside of gym. I also have a love for animals, especially dogs and horses. I hope to become an animal trainer or something in the same field when my gymnastics career is over. In my free time (RARE! Let me tell you!) I enjoy drawing, hangin' with my dog, Facebook, and YouTubing gymnastics videos (did I tell you I am a hard-core fan of elite gymnastics and Olympics games?). I guess I can now add this blog to the list too!

~Got Grace?


  1. I am soo obsessed with elite gymnastics related stuff tooOOO!! LIKE BAD! I can name the U.S. Olympic team members from the 1992 games all the way to the 2008 games! Haha, as well as the top 3 AA gymnasts of those lol, just thought I'de let u know because I don't know many gymnasts who keep up to date with elites and high level gymnasts.

  2. Yeah I know!! I talked to lots of people at gym and nobody knows about anything going on in elite gymnastics... It's depressing :( My family laughs at me on how much I'm always youtubing and researching gymnasts from long ago and now! When I found your blog I was like "dude there is finally someone like me out there!" hahaha :)